Houses mean a great deal to me. They always have. My house is part of our family. It evolves with us, always changing with our needs, yet remaining steadfast in its dependability. Even if/when we move, this house will always be a part of us. It will have helped form my kids. Hopefully they will learn to respect history, personality, and workmanship.

This is exactly why I love interior design and decorating. It's the art of enhancing the loved space around you, imparting your personality and creating a legacy to pass on to future residents. I started acting on this love early in life. I moved furniture from room to room (and got pretty good at visualizing size and space requirements),
I drew endless home and furniture plans, I explored homes on tours and open houses, and I earned my degree in interior design from The Ohio State University.
Now I put my love of homes into practice everyday, making these houses work for the families who live in them and love them too.

So, for me, interior design isn't just adding a few throw pillows and some accessories. It's illustrating your family's personality, lifestyle, and priorities.
It's making your house speak your story. It's creating home base.

I can't wait to work with you to create your ideal home base! Don't waste another day living in someone else's idea of the perfect home.